Private: for children and adults

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Private lessons are tuned to your needs and wishes in order to efficiently improve your skiing style. You can choose lessons in the mornings, afternoons, all day or lunch lesson. We recommend booking in early in order to secure your preferred course times.

Advantages when booking private lessons:

Private morning lessons

On freshly groomed slopes we can look forward to enjoying the snow and improving your skiing skills together. In the afternoons you can practice what you have learned during the lessons.

Private lunchtime lessons
Snowgarden, Heid ski lift and Madrisa

Would you like to refine a certain technique? Then the 50-minute lunchtime lesson is just for you! You’ll get valuable tips from our ski instructors.

Private afternoon lessons

You like to sleep in during your holidays? Our afternoon offer is just perfect for you so! After lunch you can refine your technique with our ski instructors and enjoy the après ski fun together.

Private full-day lessons

Our perfectly trained ski instructors will be at your side all day and adapt the lessons to your skills and wishes. Enjoy successful and unforgettable days on the snow.

Package learn to ski in three days

The perfect package for all beginners.
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