Swiss Snow League: Ski children

Snowli and his friends

Snowli will help you to get to know this snow sport! Snowli - the wondrous creature with the long ears.

Do you know how Snowli started to like the snow and where to meet him? On the following pages you’ll get to know more about Snowli, his friends and his home.

Swiss Snow League

In the Swiss Snow League you’ll learn to ski and/or snowboard from scratch. The variety of snow sports shows up during the course of the different levels and leagues when you develop to an advanced skier and snowboarder.

With each level you reach in a League, you earn the respective medal and reach the next level. Once you’ve fulfilled all the levels of a League, you enter the next higher League.

Swiss Snow Academy

After successfully completing the Swiss Snow League, you are ready for the Swiss Snow Academy, and you’ll receive the Swiss Snow Academy Card. Thanks to the instructions of our coaches you will mature into an expert on the slope, in the Snowpark or off-slope. You learn with like-minded people and share your experiences.

The Swiss Snow Academy Card is your personal «keycard». It confirms you as a member and states the turn, air or trick that you are able of.

The videos of the Swiss Snow League support you in estimating your level. Choose the desired level from the following overview. When participating in the Ski League, fun and progress are guaranteed. The focus lies on your personal technique; you will learn new things in a playful way and refine your current skills.

Our Ski Team