Playful cross-country skiing training for children

The Dario Cologna Fun Course is a project of the Mass Sport Department of Swiss Ski.

The goal of the project is to introduce school children to cross-country skiing in a playful way. In addition to teaching the basics, the focus lies on having fun.

Four equipment trailers of the Dario Cologna Fun Course go on tour through Switzerland and offer cross-country ski lessons for school children at different places - and all this for free.

In addition to excellent cross-country ski equipment by Fischer (shoes, skis, poles) and support and coordination equipment, jumps and rockers are also available for organising the lessons in a playful way.

The Dario Cologna Fun Course comes to Klosters from 16-29 of January 2023.

Further information on the Dario Cologna Fun Course is available here.