Cross-country skiing

Private courses

Individual cross-country courses for all levels

The cross-country skiing private lessons are based on your wishes and requirements.

Our offer includes classic style and skating.

In this way, you’ll quickly make progress and improve your technique.


Single lesson 50 minutes
Double lesson 100 minutes
Triple lesson 150 minutes
Course days Monday-Sunday
Course start at the full hour (8 am-4 pm)
Meeting point Snowgarden
Participants 1-5 persons
Levels beginner - advanced

Private lesson

Duration Price for 1-2 ppl.
1 lesson 99.00 CHF
2 lessons 185.00 CHF
3 lessons 229.00 CHF
Every additional person per lesson 10.00 CHF

Package (incl. equipment)

Duration Price for 1 person
1 lesson from 109.00 CHF
2 lessons from 199.00 CHF
3 lessons from 254.00 CHF

Special offer

Duration Price
from 4 x 1 lesson (4x 50 min.)* 89.00 CHF
from 4 x 2 lessons (4x 100 min.)* 169.00 CHF
Every additional person per lesson 10.00 CHF

*Rate is valid per lesson unit for 1-2 people. Must be redeemed within one week (7 days)

Course contents


Prior knowledge: none
Course content: exploring this sport


Prior knowledge: first experience on cross-country skis
Course content: technique is refined and errors corrected


Prior knowledge: technique stabilised
Course content: becoming familiar with other types of steps, possible preparation for participation in the Engadin ski marathon