Answers to common questions

How do I recognise my instructor?

All instructors wear a red/black ski suit. On the back of the jacket you'll see the Ski School logo. Furthermore, each instructor has a personal name label on the chest of the jacket. Each instructor knows the name of his guest.

Is the grouping of children in the single courses fixed?

The grouping of children occurs based on the performance level. On the first course days, children show their skiing skills and will then be assigned to the matching group.
Our instructors continuously monitor progress and try to organise the single groups in such a way so as to guarantee the optimal progress for each child.

Is the price different if I book 3 course days, but at the end decide to book another day?

From a course duration of 3 days, additional course days can be booked at a reduced rate.

Do the course days of a multi-day course have to be consecutive?

Yes. Our offer allows choosing how many consecutive days you would like to book. The selected course days have to be redeemed on consecutive days.

Will I get my money back if the children don't like the course?

In general, money is only refunded upon presentation of a doctor's certificate. In order to test a course, we offer half-day courses or single one-day courses.

What is the difference between Snowlino and a normal group course?

The Snowlino course is for the smallest and is offered every afternoon from a minimum of 2 participants. The course duration is 1 hour from 1.30 pm - 2.30 pm.

Can I skip one day of the group course?

This is not recommended. The group can make very quick progress during the programme. When you skip a day, you might quickly fall behind the other participants.

What age do children have to be to participate at a ski course?

Children can participate at a ski course from 3 years.
For snowboard courses we recommend an age of 6 years.
Children can be younger if they book a private lesson.

For the first group course, we recommend participating at the Snowlino course or booking a morning lesson only. If your child is not ready for a ski course, this limits the costs. Often, fun or frustration strongly depend on the daily mood of the child.

Which payment options are offered?

In addition to cash payments in Swiss Francs and Euro, we also accept credit cards (Mastercard, VISA, V-Pay, Diners, Reka) and EC-Direkt, Postcard and Reka cheques.
Advance bookings can also be paid by bank transfer.

Will the courses take place in case of bad weather?

As long as the cable cars are operating, the courses will take place. In bad weather, we focus on orientation and adapting the skiing speed to the visibility conditions.
Our experience shows, that children who have exercised in bad weather, are more secure on their equipment. They have learned to listen to their body and thereby gain new skills through their sensor system.

How big are the groups for children’s courses?

Usually there are about 8 children in a group course. On some days during peak season, the group size may increase to a maximum of 12 participants.

What is the course language?

Our instructors usually speak several languages in line with the nationality of the participating children. Our instructors speak German and English. Some also speak French, Dutch, Spanish, Russian or other languages.

Can the course cards be transferred to other children?

No. The course cards are personal and not transferable and show the name of the course participant.

What do I have to do if I lose the course cared or the lunch care voucher?

In case of loss of the course card please contact our Head Office (081 410 28 28). We are pleased to help you.
The lunch care voucher is like cash and can therefore not be replaced.

For which courses do children need ski poles?

The ski poles are required starting from the Blue League Star level.

Is wearing a helmet compulsory?

No, wearing a helmet is not compulsory. We recommend wearing a helmet - safty first. These skis can be rented in the sports shops.

My child participates at the morning lessons - can I register for lunch care anyway?

Yes, that’s possible! Please purchase “Lunch care” in our Head Office or directly from the instructor. Your child will receive a warm meal and a drink. The child is looked after during lunch break.

How early should I book a private ski instructor?

In general the earlier, the better! Booking is possible directly in the Head Office by phone or via our online shop!

Is the ski pass included in the course fee?

Course participants who booked a ski course on the exercise lift Snowgarden do not require a ski pass. For courses at the Madrisa or Gotschna ski resorts, children from 6 years (birth date) have to hold a valid ski pass.