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Snowboard group lessons for all levels

Thanks to the individual care and the group dynamic, in our snowboard group courses you will quickly make progress! Here, they’ll be cared for and supported by our specially trained snowboard instructors and have great fun on snow with the group. The Snowbord courses are held on the Madrisa. The Red Leagu is paritally teached on the Jakobshorn. 

NEW! Our Youth Camps for teenagers from 12 years. 

Children from 6 years do require a valid ski pass.


Course days every day
Start of course Monday
Course duration 2 x 2 hours per day
Course times 09.15-11.50 am / 1.00-3.15 pm
Meeting points 08.45 assembly point Klosters Platz railway station or 9 am Madrisa valley station
Course ends 3.30 pm Madrisa valley station or 3.45 pm assembly point Klosters Platz railway station
Minimum age Taster course from 6 years, otherwise from 7 years
Provision from 3 persons
Swiss Snow League from 5 half or 3 full days there is an entry into the Swiss Snow League booklet

Sunday Rookies

Sunday Rookies

Our snowboard taster course is the ideal introduction to snowboarding for children, teenagers and adults.

Children aged 6 years and over require a valid cable car ticket.


Course times Sunday 1.00-3-30 pm
Meeting point 1 pm Madrisa mountain station
Finish point 3.30 pm Madrise mountain station
Age requirement 6 years old

half days price
1 half day currently not available


Duration Price
Taster course "Sunday Rookies" 69.00 CHF
1 day 119.00 CHF
1 additional day from 3 days 89.00 CHF
1 lunch care (inc. lunch/drink 23.00 CHF

Your child has the chance to spend lunch-time with his group. Children are looked after by the snow sports instructor and enjoy playing and drawing with their course mates after lunch. Purchase a lunch care coupon in the ski school office or directly from the online shop when you book your course.

Course contents Snowboard

So that you can estimate your child's level more easily, the Swiss Snow League Levels with the respective videos are available here to clarify course content:

  • Information on the equipment
  • Skating on a flat surface with one foot strapped
  • Full-base riding on an easy slope
  • Edging down the fall line
  • Edging to full-base riding
  • Information on behaviour on the slopes (FIS rules)
  • Edging in the traverse
  • Edging to full-base riding
  • Using the T-bar lift
  • Skidded turns
  • Information on warm-up
  • Rotary turns
  • Waltzing
  • Wheelie
  • Jumping with both feet in the air on a slope
  • Behaviour in the Snowpark
  • Switch turns
  • Speed check
  • Fifty/Fifty over an easy box
  • Hitting small jumps
  • Brief freestyle lexicon
  • Turns using stretching and bending techniques
  • Powerslide
  • Ollie/N`Ollie on the slope
  • 180° on the slope
  • Information on nature, forest and landscape
  • Carved turns
  • Slide on the slope
  • Ollie/N`Ollie 180° on the slope
  • Basic Air
  • Information on the Swiss Snow Academy
  • Riding off-slope
  • Frontside Noseturn
  • Backside Boardslide on a box
  • Straight Air

Snowboard Slope

  • Information on equipment preparation
  • Turns Short turns
  • Turns Carving Switch Basic Turns
  • Race: Riding over bumps and dips, riding gates
  • Tricks Backside Noseturn
  • Tricks Slope trick combos
  • Airs 360°

Snowboard Park

  • Information on competitive sports
  • Airs Shifty Air
  • Airs Grab Air
  • Airs Spin Air
  • Box/Rail Boardslide
  • Box/Rail Box trick
  • Halfpipe/Quarterpipe Basic Run / Straight Air

Snowboard Freeride

  • Information on safety, avalanches and weather
  • Safety: Using an avalanche transceiver, reading an avalanche report, choosing lines and stopping points
  • Turns Turns adapted to the terrain
  • Turns Riding moguls
  • Tricks Powderspray
  • Tricks Powdertrick
  • Airs Powder kickers/jumps over natural obstacles