Telemark skiing

Discover the art of free heel skiing

Are you a passionate winter sports fan looking for a new challenge?

Then, telemark, the origins of skiing, is just perfect for you. Our telemark instructors will introduce you to this ski experience.


Course days every day from Monday-Sunday
Mornings 2.5 h, Start time 9 am or 9:30 am
Afternoons 2.5 h, Start time 1 pm or 1:30 pm
Full day 6h incl. lunch break, Start time 9 am or 9:30 am

 All prices are valid for 1-2 persons or a family with a maximum of 4 persons (parents & children).

Private afternoon lessons

Duration price
2.5 lessons from 199.00 CHF
Every additional person 20.00 CHF